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Re: #pragma interface/implementation broken if--enable-mapped-location

Matt Austern <> writes:

>> I think we're at least a couple weeks away from #pragma-as-tokens.  A
>> quickie fix would be fine by me.
> The reason I didn't implement pragma-as-tokens was pretty simple:
> I thought it would involve fairly tricky changes in both libcpp and
> the front end.
> First, the libcpp changes: it's easy to get libcpp to do parsing
> the same way it normally does but using a different source of
> characters; the infrastructure is already there.  I didn't see an
> easy way of getting the pragma handlers to use an alternate
> mechanism for getting tokens.  There is no such infrastructure in
> the existing libcpp, and creating something new, just for this
> purpose, didn't seem worth it.

The way I have in mind for #pragma-as-tokens, hardly any changes to
cpplib should be necessary at all.

I think you'll like what I wind up implementing.  It's three or four
patches down the road, though; let's not worry about it now.


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