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Re: please help me!!! I need GCC 1.0

> >>>Would you like send me a copy from GCC 1.0 or a less version, please I

> > See <>.

> [I've Cc'd Jason Molenda on this, since he's the one who maintains the
> old-release archive, as far as I know.]

Yeah, I wouldn't hold my breath for finding anything older than gcc 1.21.
Around 1995 I archived everything I could find around the net -
that got me back to gcc 1.35.  Since that time, the only discoveries
have been by some guy in the Netherlands who sends me e-mails every
year or two with a pointer to some Vax in Russia or something with
an ancient gcc release squirreled away.  I have no idea who this
guy is or how he finds them, but he is crafty.

The last I heard from him was a note a year ago on a modified version
of gcc 1.18 that might be available; this posting

from 1989 was from a researcher in France who had modified 1.18 and
who knows, if you could track him down maybe he still has a copy
of it somewhere.  I haven't tried, myself, because I am incredibly

But honestly, I doubt we'll ever recover anything older than gcc
1.21.  Getting back to 1.35 was pretty tricky a decade ago -- it
hasn't gotten any easier since then.  I had better luck with binutils
releases, but I don't have any gas releases older than 1.19 (May
1988).  For gdb it's 2.4 (Jan 1988) for a patched release; 2.5.1
(May 1988) is the oldest real gdb release I could find.  As much as
I'd like to have all of the releases, I don't think it's all that
important - in all three cases, the oldest verisons archived were
within the first year or so of the tool being developed.


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