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Re: #pragma interface/implementation broken if--enable-mapped-location

"Joseph S. Myers" <> writes:

> That should work (with the warning from -Wunknown-pragmas being given at 
> the point an unknown pragma is thrown away).  For now yylex for C could 
> handle that pragma token by calling the handler immediately (so the 
> subsequent tokens never reach the parser).  With the possibility of then 
> checking for particular pragmas and passing the token sequence on to the 
> parser for those cases only.


> I'd add that the CPP_PRAGMA token, though referred to as __pragma, 
> shouldn't actually be spellable that way in source code; the only way to 
> get one in the token stream should be #pragma / _Pragma (and perhaps the 
> diagnostic messages complaining of such pragmas in bad places for the 
> grammar should use the spelling "#pragma" rather than "PRAGMA").

Right.  When -E is in effect, we'll continue to emit pragmas in
preprocessing-directive notation, as is done now.  I've already got a
bug assigned to me to improve the diagnostics.


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