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Re: Comments on Patching GCC

On Fri, 2004-09-24 at 04:43 +0200, Giovanni Bajo wrote:
> Daniel Berlin wrote:
> > I think we can script most of this, actually.
> > I'm pretty sure i can easily make a script that you hand a patch
> > title,
> > possibly an existing bug id, a patch, and a changelog, and it'll
> > handle submission and give you a bug id and a patch id.
> >
> > I can also make a script that will list the outstanding submissions by
> > bug and patch id, and let you retrieve patches by id.
> >
> > Of course, this would *only* work for patches submitted using the
> > script.
> Yes. My script can instead be retrofitted for any posted patch: it's just a
> matter of setting the 'patch' keyword in Bugzilla, and adding a comment with a
> link to gcc-patches. And the good news is that we already do this for most of
> the patches. The only thing is that we would need to keep the patch keyword in
> sync: if the patch is reviewed asking for changes, the patch keyword needs to
> be disabled until a new patch is posted (if it's taking too long), otherwise
> it'll keep pinging.

Right, which is why i was going to do it based on attachments, the patch
keyword and attachment flag, and keep track of the obsoletes flag you
can set on attachments :)

> Giovanni Bajo

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