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Re: Comments on Patching GCC

On Fri, 2004-09-24 at 04:21 +0200, Giovanni Bajo wrote:
> Brad Roberts wrote:
> > Bugzilla itself has a fairly nice attachment mechanism which has a
> > lot of special handling for patchs, review requests, etc.  Given that
> > gcc developers already use bugzilla, why not use more of it's
> > features?
> Because it is hard to change habit, or maybe people just do not want to.

I think we can script most of this, actually.
I'm pretty sure i can easily make a script that you hand a patch title,
possibly an existing bug id, a patch, and a changelog, and it'll handle
submission and give you a bug id and a patch id.

I can also make a script that will list the outstanding submissions by
bug and patch id, and let you retrieve patches by id.

Of course, this would *only* work for patches submitted using the

> I have been working on and off on a little script to extract unreviewed patches
> from Bugzilla (using the patch keyword + links to gcc-patches in the comments)
> that can be used as a robitic patchmaster (as suggested by Ian). It can
> generate mails to ping patches, and could be cron'd every 3-4 days (my direct
> experience is that more often than not a patch is either reviewed in the next
> 72 hrs or simply is not until next ping).
> It still needs a couple of refinements plus fixing some bugs with xml
> validation for which I have been working with Danny B.
> Giovanni Bajo

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