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RE: Bootstrap difficulties on powerpc-apple-darwin6.8 (Mac OS X 10.2.8)

Dave Korn writes:
 > > I believe that it is unreasonable to assume that a shell can handle a 
 > > line length of 70,000+ characters.
 > > 
 > > Note that this bug also occurs under Cygwin (upon which 
 > > libgcj is also pretty much unuseable).
 >   Although I kind of feel the same, that it's asking an awful lot of a
 > shell, and in particular of the cygwin shell, which has to live with certain
 > limits imposed on it by the underlying OS, the POSIX spec suggests that it
 > ought to be acceptable:
 > "  2.3 Token Recognition
 > The shell shall read its input in terms of lines from a file, from a
 > terminal in the case of an interactive shell, or from a string in the case
 > of sh -c or system(). The input lines can be of unlimited length. "

But this doesn't really matter, because although the shell may be able
to read very long lines, there's no reason to suggest that the linker
will be able to handle them.  We need to fix this bug, one way or


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