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Re: How to stop GCC from searching for components in --prefix onWindows host?

Ian Lance Taylor wrote:

"E. Weddington" <> writes:

I'm certainly not afraid to patch this distribution to take out the
search in --prefix for components as the current searching of PATH (or
whatever it does after searching --prefix) works just fine. My
questions would be: is this a sane thing to do (considering the
problem)? Where would one do this in the code? Is it relatively
localized? and... would this situation be considered a bug? should I
fill out a bug report?

That is a sane thing to do if there is no path which you are certain
exists (how about "/"?).

That might be a way around it; I build in Cygwin (using --host=mingw32 --build=mingw32) so installing it to that location after building won't be a problem.

The code is in gcc/gcc.c; look for calls to
add_prefix(). It is relatively localized.

Thanks for the information.

I don't personally
consider this situation to be a bug.

Would it be reasonable as an enhancement request, though?


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