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Re: DR handling for C++

On Sep 20, 2004, at 1:44 PM, Mark Mitchell wrote:

Dale Johannesen wrote:

On Sep 20, 2004, at 1:04 PM, Mark Mitchell wrote:

I think -fpermissive should just be removed.

The eon SPECmark will no longer build if we do that.

I suppose that's an issue, from a marketing perspective. With my customer-service hat on, I care a fair amount, as I have customers who definitely want SPEC numbers. With my GNU maintainer hat on, I don't care as much.

It may also be that eon requires a relatively small subset of functionality presently allowed with -fpermissive. It may also be that if we do as I suggested (turn some pedwarns into errors, others into warnings, leave others as pedwarns) that we would be OK because the issues in question would become warnings, not errors.

My problem with -fpermissive is only tangentially that it allows us to compile bogus code; to me, the bigger problem is that it's yet another knob, and one that is C++ specific. I see no reason why the basic warnings/errors/pedwarns structure from C should not also be used in C++.

Isn't the fundamental problem that we're using pedwarns differently in the C and C++ front ends? In the C front end you don't even see pedwarns unless you use a special compiler flag, and making them into errors requires an even more special compiler flag. It's very odd that it means something so different in the C++ front end.

This is really going off into a different subject (pedwarn policy, not DR policy), but I'd suggest that we:
1. Change the C++ front end's pedwarn defaults to match the C front end's policy.
2. Remove -fpermissive, which #1 will render redundant.
3. Go through our pedwarns and decide which ones should be errors, which ones should be warnings, and which ones really should just be pedwarns.


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