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SuperH patch contributions

I am leaving SuperH, and on October the first, I am going to start with
my new employment at ST Microelectronics.  I expect to continue to work
on the SH gcc port there.  I have spoken with my manager
(here at SuperH) what best to do with the current SuperH local patches,
and we agreed that the best course of action is to post them on the
gcc-patches / gdb-patches mailing lists.
Our blanket copyright assignment on file with the FSF assigns copyright
in changes and/or enhancements to the programs gcc, g++, gdb,
binutils, libg++, libstdc++, dejagnu, GNU C++ testsuite and GNU C
testsuite submitted by SuperH, Inc.
Thus, by submitting these patches, the copyright assignment becomes
effective for them.
There will be some overlap between patches to different baselines.
I think this is preferrable to missing important bits which might
be lost and/or in uncertain copyright status if not submitted now.
I am willing to answer questions on these patches, but won't have time
for any significant code changes / merges now.  I hope to integrate
some or most of these patches into the FSF mainline when I am at ST

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