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Re: PATCH: web/17495

On Fri, 17 Sep 2004, Gerald Pfeifer wrote:

> This sounds like an interesting suggestion.  It might be a bit tricky
> due to different versions of GCC having different sets of manuals, and
> I believe we currently do not have any scripting language (PHP,...) set
> up on, but perhaps a Perl/Shell script from cron.
> Joseph, you have been the one doing most work on the online manuals (and
> a great job, by the way).  Do you have any ideas?

There are indeed the issues that (a) when a new minor release is added the 
links to the manuals for the previous minor release should be removed, but 
not the manuals themselves and not for new major releases; (b) only the 
user manuals, not the internals manuals, are linked to for releases; (c) 
sometimes the set of manuals changes even within one major release series, 
e.g. the Ada user manual names changed in the 3.4 series.  The simplest 
suggestion would be a script or scripts to do some of the releasing steps 
that presently are manual, including updating webpages based on 
pre-existing markers in those pages of where to update.  The search page 
gets automatic monthly updates from a program run from htdigid's crontab 
(not gccadmin's), which might be something to look at to start with, and a 
list of which the user manuals are can easily enough be stored and kept 
updated somewhere for each active release branch.

Joseph S. Myers      - status of C90 for GCC 4.0 (personal mail) (Bugzilla assignments and CCs)

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