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Re: Serious problems with tree-ssa operand handling

    | Robert and I have very different usage patterns (he uses a laptop and I
    | use different computers in different places), so his solution won't work
    | for me.

    So, you think it is better to inconvenient other people?

I don't follow.  It's not a matter of inconvenience: the solution
Robert uses *depends* on his using only one machine.  It *can't* work
for me since I don't do that.

    | What I want to do is add "References" support to the mailer I use, but
    | haven't been able to find the sources to start with.

    Zack had provided many links and suggestions in the past.

I don't remember who it was, but somebody did point to a mailer called
"nail".  Unfortunately, I couldn't even get it to compile on my machine, so I
couldn't see if it was suitable or not.  Starting from what I have and adding
what's needed is 100% safe, so that's my plan.  I had the sources, but they
were in a CD of a machine that got stolen before I was able to read them, so
I couldn't use them.  I haven't been able to find them (/usr/ucb/mail sources
for SunOs 4.1.4) again.  If anybody has them, as I said, I'd greatly
appreciate it.

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