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Re: Prerelease of GCC-3.3.5 available for testing

James E Wilson <> writes:

| Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:
| >   Tarballs for GCC-3.3.5 prerelease are available on the usual server
| I realize it is a bit late for this.  If it is too late for gcc-3.3.5
| that is OK.  I can re-propose this for gcc-3.3.6.
| I have a patch to fix an IA-64 linux kernel miscompilation
| problem. This is PR 17455.  I've added the patch to the gcc-3.4 branch
| and mainline already.  This isn't a regression, but it is fairly
| serious as it is a linux kernel miscompile.  The problem can be worked
| around by compiling the kernel with -fno-optimize-sibcalls.  The patch
| is pretty safe, as it only affects kernel functions with the
| syscall_linkage attribute, and all it does is disable sibcall
| optimizations for those functions.
| I haven't yet tested the patch with gcc-3.3.x.  I am starting that
| testing now.

Let me know how testing goes; I'll then make another prerelease by the
end of the week, so people can test.

Thanks for looking into this.

-- Gaby

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