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Re: Ability to disable URL mangling in makeinfo 4.7?

    Yes, that'd be very useful!

Ok, we can work on that.  (Alper, if you feel like it, go for it...)

    Are we restricted to the set of a-z0-9_- also for anchors?  Given our
    experience, all web clients seem to support at least '*' as well.

I can believe that other characters are supported in anchor names
(although I thought that XML had very restrictive rules).  In any case,
it seems simpler to map a node name to the same string, whether it is
used as an anchor name or a filename, instead of having different rules.

    If '-' is part of the supported set of characters, why do you rewrite
    that as well?  Could this be avoided?

The problem is that we use - to map spaces.  So it can't also be used
for itself.  This is probably the most annoying thing about the new
scheme, but otherwise "node-name" and "node name" would map to the same
target.  Doesn't seem good.  I think there may have even been a case or
two in practice.

Hope you enjoy your time away from the computers ...


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