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Re: Style of libstdc++ header files

On Sep 14, 2004, at 3:11 PM, Wolfgang Bangerth wrote:

I would oppose to that as atleast short always-to-be-inlined methods are
way easier to read/find if they are defined inline.

In reality, I hardly ever have to _find_ a particular method. I want to
_delete_ whole blocks of code, whatever is in them. What is important is the
number of semantic connections of other parts of a code into the block I want
to delete. For member function definitions, there are no such connections
because the declarations are still there.

 I'd rather spent
the converting time creating a more C++-syntax aware
testcase-reduction tool (like f.i. as you are suggesting, removing
method definitions but retaining/creating declarations).

Well, fact is: there is no such tool. People have tried to play around with
Delta, but it turns out that the fastest and most efficient method is still
brute human force. Nobody seems to know how to write a tool like you suggest.

It depends on if you are trying to minimize a testcase for C++ FE bugs, or an optimization bug.
For the case of C++ FE bugs, yer right, you will need to integrate it with some C++ syntax aware minimizer.
For the case of optimization bugs, you are looking at the problem the wrong way.
See LLVM's bugpoint for a tool that does this right.

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