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Re: Input/output error [RESOLVED]

Thanks for your extensive reply! It was apparently some problem with
the source tree, although I still don't know exactly what. It wasn't a
permissions problem, because I was able to 'rm -f' the entire tree as
the user. I unpacked the sources and rebuilt without trouble this


>   Very hard to tell from here; unfortunately the error message isn't
> terribly informative.  For a start, we can't be really sure whether it's an
> error when reading the input file, or an error when writing the temporary
> preprocessed .i file, or conceivably an i/o error could be returned by a
> mmap operation that fails, or who knows what.
>   Also, the i/o error might not be to do with disk space, or bad sectors; it
> could be a permissions problem.  (I've seen lots of software report 'io
> error' or 'file not found' when in fact the file exists but the user/app
> doesn't have the appropriate access perms).
>   So, have you tried "cat
> /home/sjackman/work/pathway/toolchain/pocketpc/gcc/build-gcc-3.3.1/arm-wince
> -pe/libstdc++-v3/include/numeric" to see if you can access it from a shell?
> And have you checked the perms on it with "ls -l"?  You might be able to run
> the compile under strace to see what actual i/o call is failing.  Or you
> might get some useful information by adding "-v" to the command line to see
> each of the subcommand lines and then running the individual stages of
> preprocess, compile, assemble separately.  You could also try adding
> "--save-temps" to the build command line; if that fixes it, then you should
> suspect that you don't have sufficient perms to write to /tmp.
>   That's about all I can manage in off-the-top-of-my-head guesses for now.
> Hope it helps.
>     cheers,
>       DaveK

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