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Could not split insn

Hello all, I have define "iorsi3" instruction in my .md file as follows :

(define_insn_and_split "iorsi3"
  [(set (match_operand:SI 0 "nonimmediate_nonstack_operand"		"=b,  o")
	(ior:SI (match_operand:SI 1 "nonimmediate_nonstack_operand"	"%0,  0")
		  (match_operand:SI 2 "general_operand"				"boi, boi")))
   (clobber (match_scratch:HI 3							"=X,  &r"))]
  [(const_int 0)]
  "split_logical(HImode, IOR, operands);

Where constraint 'b' is general-purpose register, which supports SImode.
I tried to compile newlib with optimization -O1 and I have got folowing message:

../../../../../newlib_src/newlib/libc/stdlib/mprec.c: In function `_lshift':
../../../../../newlib_src/newlib/libc/stdlib/mprec.c:515: error: could not split insn
(insn 222 278 279 (parallel [
(set (reg:SI 0 A)
(ior:SI (reg:SI 0 A)
(const_int 0 [0x0])))
(clobber (scratch:HI))
]) 62 {iorsi3} (insn_list 96 (nil))
(expr_list:REG_UNUSED (scratch:HI)
../../../../../newlib_src/newlib/libc/stdlib/mprec.c:515: internal compiler error: in final_scan_insn, at final.c:2429

Register A is accessible in SImode.
But it seems to me that pattern should be matched by the split.

Does anybody have met the same problem ?

Petar Penchev

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