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Re: Ada broken on i686-linux (some progress)

>     It would be usefull to know the backtraces at least here.  The second
>     problem looks like yet another tree node sharing problem, so in the
>     case the failure is within tree-ssa-loop-ivopts, I will try to add
>     more of unsave_exprs to uses that might result in sharing and lets see
>     if it fix it.
> I can confirm this is a loop issue because it doesn't happen when
> I disable loop optimizations.

I will try to add the unsaves to dubious places in ivops tomorrow then.
Ot helped in other cases with the same symptom.
>     What is the current situation of ada aware gdb?  I used to have one but
>     it no longer works on 3.5 GCC produced dwarf and the default in my
>     instalation just die horribly seeing ada.
> I almost never used an Ada-aware GDB even in the few times I'm
> debugging in the Ada part of the front end.  I am indeed having

My problem is actually that GDB crash on gnat executable without even
producing backtrace for crash within C part of the binarry making almost
every debugging very inconvenient.

Perhaps update will solve that..

> problems finding a GDB that works well with 4.0-GCC-produced code, but
> it does not seem related to Ada per se: it appears that it's just like
> other issues where Ada produces more complex code that triggers latent
> bugs either in debug output creation or reading.

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