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Re: Ada mainline

Hmm I just read Diego's entire response, and it seems to
amount to "the Ada patches should be handled the same
way as the C++ patches", but it doesn't say why. I also
didn't get an answer to my question of whether
Diego was speaking as a an Ada expert or Ada user (I
assume not), which I think is definitely relevant.

I really think that the Ada front end is quite different
from the C++ front end.

In the case of C++ we have large numbers of people
contributing patches which are then reviewed by
a small number of people.

In the case of the Ada front end we have a very
small number of people contributing all the patches
(this number is about 6-7), and this is the same
small group that approves these patches. Internally
our front end patch procedure is that one of these
6-7 people makes a change, discusses it among the
other 5-6 people if necessary (that's very rarely
necessary), and then checks the change against
our test suites (which include the public ACATS
tests, and also the very unpublic DEC tests, and
the AdaCore internal test suite). If there are no
regressions and the problem is fixed, or new
feature working, then the change is checked in
locally and reviewed by me (I still review all
Ada front end patches). If it all looks good,
it migrates into the FSF tree the next day or
so (if things are working smoothly), along with
the comments and revision history entries that
describe the fix. The RH entries incidentally
have a rather different style than the GCC
back end fixes, they are required to say *why*
the patch is being made, not just *what* was
done (which seems the more common style with
back end revision histories). There is also
a quite different level of commenting in the
sources for these changes.

The tasking run time is similarly handled,
except that the group of people involved
is even smaller in this case.

The back end fixes are handled in a very
different manner, following the standard
procedures as closely as we can.

Robert Dewar

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