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Re: Using --disable-shared to build non-apple gcc on darwin

On Sep 7, 2004, at 5:59 AM, Peter O'Gorman wrote:

First, I'd like to apologize if this is a silly question, sorry...

When gcc is built having been configured --disable-shared, it builds libgcc, libstdc++ etc without any pic flags, so on darwin, the fortran libraries, for example, contain common symbols (gcc-3.4.1) and cannot be used as input to ld when building a shared library (.dylib). Also, in the FSF gcc (not the apple branch), there's no comcept of private external symbols, so generating multiple shared libraries (obviously not fortran ones :-p) and then using these to create a program will likely give you errors about multiple definitions of symbols (these symbols having made their way into many shared libs by virtue of being global symbols in libgcc).

First -fPIC is not needed on Darwin to produce shared libraries as it is PIC by default. Second yes we do have the concept of private external for Darwin too. Look at the attribute visibility for how to use "private external" symbols, I cannot remember if this made it into 3.4.0 or not. But really you should not be using --disable-shared without using --with-pic if you want to use shared libraries.

Also you should not be using --diable-shared at all because it is not
the tested way of compiling the compiler.

My questions is, is this by design? Should we not expect to be able to build working shared libraries with a compiler built --disable-shared?

Yes this is by design, see above about --with-pic but I think that only works with libtool based projects.

Andrew Pinski

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