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Need help for doing gcc modifications


first, I'm a newcomer in this list, so I hope this mail
is not out of topic.

Here is my "problem":
I'm trying to understand gcc source code (for my own
culture) and I decide to create a modified version of
it (I'm working on source tree 3.4.1) to test and understand

I decided to add a new profiling function "ala"
instrument-functions, which will do exactly the same
job but with transmit additionnal informations to the
__cyg_profile_func_{enter|exit} functions.

As I saw that a function is available in gcc/functions.c
to get the name of the currently treated function
(current_function_name which use the lang_hooks),
I decided to add the name to the parameters of the
profile functions.

I successfully added a new gcc option '-finstrument-functions-full'
with all the needed declarations, and I create the call
code to functions __cyg_profile_function_{enter|exit}_details,
with for the moment the same parameters (from, to).

The modified gcc works fine, recognizing the options and
adding the calls to these functions.

Here is my problem: I tried to add additionnal parameters for these functions, by modifying the emit_library_call (in functions.c). Using other uses of this function I managed to add simple parameters such as intergers, but I do not know how to add a 'const char *'... First the name returned by current_function_name is in a the gcc space, not in the compiled program space, so I think I have to create inside the compiled program space a constant string to hold that name. In addition each parameters need a pair of 'rtx'/'machine_mode', and I can't figure how to generate them. I suppose that if I manage to add the string in the program scope, I will obtain a 'rtx', and that I have to find the 'machine_mode' which correspond to the 'const char *' for the convertion.

Please can you help me for that ? Or give me a good pointer
on a doc which explains that points ?
Maybe also what I'm trying to do is not possible, at least by
this way. Do not hesitate to branch me to other methods.

Thank in advance.

Yannick Perret

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