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Re: Confusing errormessage with implicit typename

James E Wilson <> writes:

> Nicolas Pavlidis wrote:
> > /home/pavnic/projects/converter/src/utilities/factory.h:151: warning:
> > implicit typename is deprecated, please see the documentation for
> > details
> The deprecated feature has been removed, and as a result, we can no
> longer give this warning.  Since we have no code to support implicit
> typename, it is difficult to impossible to give an error complaining
> about when it occurs.

I know that this was deprecated, but I think if typename is expected at
this point gcc could tell me this, in my example:
error: typename expected but 'iterator' found

> The g++ parser was extensively rewritten between gcc-3.3 and gcc-3.4
> in order to fix some long standing parsing bugs.  The result is that
> we have much better C++ conformance, but unfortunately, in some cases,
> the warnings/errors aren't going to be as good as they used to be.

Mayby it is possible to improve the warning/error messages. It is quite
hard to understand some messages that gcc tells.

> We have documented the common problems in the gcc-3.4 release notes.  See
> Implicit typename is the third bullet.


Best regards,

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