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Re: RFH: dejagnu and make check using remote testing host...

David Daney wrote:
Executing on host: /newdisk/programs/mipsel-gccmaincvs/gcc/xgcc -B/newdisk/programs/mipsel-gccmaincvs/gcc/ /newdisk/programs/gccmaincvs/gcc/gcc/testsuite/gcc.c-torture/execute/20000113-1.c -w -O0 -lm -o /newdisk/programs/mipsel-gccmaincvs/gcc/testsuite/20000113-1.x0 (timeout = 300)
PASS: gcc.c-torture/execute/20000113-1.c compilation, -O0 ...
ftp> put /newdisk/programs/mipsel-gccmaincvs/gcc/testsuite/20000113-1.x0 /tmp/20000113-1.x0.15879
Download of /newdisk/programs/mipsel-gccmaincvs/gcc/testsuite/20000113-1.x0 to proton3 failed.
UNRESOLVED: gcc.c-torture/execute/20000113-1.c execution, -O0

Which version of expect are you using?  The stock one
has a bug which causes occasional spurious failures,
described in
(I haven't seen the one you're seeing, but then, I've never
 used FTP as a transport when using dejagnu).

I upgraded to the latest TCL, expect and dejagnu and still had the problems.

Last I checked, that wasn't quite enough. You may also need to apply the patch described in As I said earlier, a copy of the patch is in The errors this fixes are minor, but enough to prevent a clean test run.

Also, you might consider using rsh as the transport; see

I think the ftp transport is screwed up.  I switched to rcp with this
board file:

load_base_board_description "unix";

# The generic type of board.
set board_info($board,generic_name) "unix"

# The name used to connect to this machine.
set board_info($board,hostname) "proton3"

set board_info($board,ftp_directory) "/tmp"

set prefix_dir "/tmp"

Kind of a mixture of what I got from Andrew Haley and your site.

and it is magically working again. The ftp method used to work for me, but something changed somewhere.....

Thanks for your help,

You're welcome. Glad the rsh/rcp transport is working for you! - Dan

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