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Re: Notes from the version control BOF at the summit

On Fri, 4 Jun 2004, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:

> The main serialization problem is, of course, the ChangeLog file.  For
> most of these systems, it should be possible to write an automatic
> merge for the ChangeLog file which will do the right thing.

Or generate the ChangeLog automatically from checkin comments.  (The last
item in Zack's previous wishlist

With such automatic generation, it would be nice for the checkin comments
themselves to be versioned objects, so that a spelling or other correction
could be checked in to a previous checkin comment (and automatically
update the ChangeLogs thereby, without changing the history of ChangeLogs
on old tags corresponding to the previously tagged version of the checkin
comment) - but with this being a versioned action with the history
properly recorded, it would be safer than cvs admin to have available to
all with write access.  But I don't know if any version control systems do
have versioning of checkin comments.

Joseph S. Myers

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