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Re: Omniscient Debugging for C...

On Thursday, June 3, 2004, at 06:39 PM, Bil Lewis wrote:
I've written a new kind of debugger -- it records state changes
and allows the programmer to essentially "go backwards in time."

Not very new... gdb had this years and years ago now (5 years), though, maybe in a more limited form. Not sure what the current state is, or if the code ever went into the main sources. I'd ask over on the gdb list.

Ah, found it: has the pointer to these...

The main difference appears to be that having the compiler pick things to trace would be nice. The only problem of course would be the size of the collected data when used on a real system, instead of a toy system.

I can't help but wonder about extending mudflap type stuff to cover the case you're interested in and communicating that to gdb.

Oh, and the term I like for all of this is temporal debugging. Google gets a few hits, some of them are kinda related. I think the gdb list is the best place to host such conversations.

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