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GCC Release Status (2004-05-23)

GCC 3.4.1

Target release date: June 15th.

There are 112 bugs targeted at 3.4.1. I expect that a number of these
will be pushed back to later releases. However, many of these defects
look to be pretty serious; we've got some work to do.

31 of those defects are C++; most of those look relatively tractable.
Many are remaining fallout from the new C++ parser; that was a
dramatic enough change that it's not surprising to see that there are
still corner-cases that are being mishandled.

Now that tree-ssa has been merged in on the mainline, I'm going to be
increased the 3.4.1-oriented pressure.  To that end, I'll be sending
out email directly to people who I think can help with fixing some of
these regressions.

GCC 3.5

Target stage 2 date: July 1st.

The tree-ssa merge is complete, and starting to settle.

I plan to close Stage 1 on or about July 1st.  The tree-ssa changes
are plenty of change for one release cycle, and going through the
release process will force us to knock a lot of the bugs out of

There are 280 (!) bugs targeted at 3.5.0.  That is in addition to the
112 bugs targeted at 3.4.1, some of which will likely be pushed back
to 3.5.0.  I suspect that some of these are incorrectly targeted at
3.5.0, since I expect that some are not regressions.

It is unclear yet whether or not the LNO branch will be merged in
before 3.5.0, but I hope that will be possible.  Depending on the
state of LNO, it might be possible to take it during Stage 2 instead
of Stage 1.

Mark Mitchell
CodeSourcery, LLC
(916) 791-8304

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