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Re: Why is gcc-3.3.3 in a strange directory on

Jim Wilson <> writes:

| Dan Kegel wrote:
| > Why is
| >
| > in a different place than all the other releases on that site?

The summary is that the directory structure for gcc on is just inconsistent even if you disregard releases/.
Things should be simpler if the structure reflected that on our ftp

| We don't directly control the FSF site.  So this would
| have to be discussed with FSF sysadmins.  I am not even sure who is
| the right person to contact.

The way directories now get created on is probably clearer
than the way they get deleted.  But that would imply keysigning at a
different date than when the original tarballs finally got there.

| I recall that there were problems getting gcc-3.3.3 uploaded to the
| FSF ftp site when it came out.  We had a new release manager who had
| never done this before, and at roughly the same time the FSF changed
| their upload process because of yet another security problem.  The
| result was a lot of confusion.

The problems were less with being my "first" time than how the
files were supposed to be uploaded and when they finally end up.  One
can now argue after the fact how it should have been done :-) 
Before, nobody really knew the right structure.  (Even now, it is not
absolutely clear, look at gcc-3.4.0.tar.gz for example).
And the problem with getting the files uploaded on was
due to an interesting bug in FSF's script to transfer the files.

| I suspect what happened is a little too literal copying from the
| site.  If you use ftp to conenct to, then all
| gcc releases are in pub/gcc/releases.  This happens to be where the
| release ended up on, but the directory structure on
| is a bit different, and it should have gone into just gcc
| instead of gcc/releases.

-- Gaby

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