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Re: GCC-3.4.0 on FRV architecture BUG report

zhanrk-gcc wrote:
> It seems that the compiler gcc-3.4.0 on FRV architecture is buggy. 

Bugs should be reported into our bugzilla bug database.  You are more
likely to get an answer that way, as we do not track bug reports emailed
to the gcc list.  If no one answers in a few days, then you will
probably get no answer at all.

Also, we need a testcase that we can compile and let us reproduce the
problem.  The testcase you provided can not be compiled.  It isn't valid C.

for more info on reporting gcc bugs.

However, this looks more like a binutils problem than a gcc problem.
Use the -S option to see what the assembly output is.  If the .s file
calls puts, then this isn't a gcc problem.  Probably something is going
wrong at link time.  If you send us a binutils bug report, we won't fix
it.  You need to report binutils bugs to the binutils group.  See
There is a binutils bugzilla now that you can file bug reports to.  Or
you can try sending mail to the bug-binutils list.
Jim Wilson, GNU Tools Support,

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