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Re: [gfortran] Exponentiation by integral exponents

Paul Brook wrote:
On Tuesday 27 April 2004 23:07, Tobias Schlüter wrote:

Andrew Pinski wrote:

On Apr 27, 2004, at 17:14, Tobias Schlüter wrote:

FYI I have ported Andy's code for exponentiation by an integral
exponent to our tree. This is an implementation of Knuth's algorithm


You should not need it if you use __builtin_pow and you turn on
flag_unsafe_math_optimizations on.  Maybe the best way is to have
another flag
to say expand __builtin_pow always.

Does the builtin recognize the case pow(x,(float)i), where i is an integer? Then this sounds like a very good idea.

Maybe the way to indicate we always want to expand __builtin_pow would be to pass the second parameter with an integer type. It may be easier to add __builtin_powi to avoid needing polymorphic builtins.


Anyway, I tried to implement Andrew's suggestion as a quick'n'dirty hack. Right now I get an ICE. What is the correct way to generate the equivalent of a typecast in C?

What I tried was this: gfc_conv_power_op has this code:

type = TREE_TYPE (lse.expr);

  kind = expr->op1->ts.kind;
  switch (expr->op2->ts.type)
    case BT_INTEGER:
      /* Integer powers are expanded inline as multiplications.  */
      gfc_conv_integer_power (se, lse.expr, rse.expr);

Instead of calling gfc_integer_power and returning, I want to convert rse.expr to the type of lse.expr. So I tried both of the following (gfc_conv_expr_type has no explanatory comment, so I'm just guessing that this might be the function I'm looking for):
gfc_conv_expr_type (&rse, expr->op2, type); // first try
rse.expr = convert (type, rse.expr); // second try

After that I select the function based on the type of lse.expr as in the real case and continue as if rse.expr had not been int all the time.

What am I missing? I'm still within my first three hours of messing with gcc trees, so I might well be missing the obvious.

- Tobi

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