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Re: F95 supports F77 too, right? (was Re: GCC 4.0 vs. 3.5

Nathanael Nerode wrote:

I was under the impression that the new Fortran compiler was fully functional
as a Fortran 77 compiler, or at least that it was supposed to be before
g77 was removed from the tree.  Was I mistaken?

Well certainly we hope that the new Fortran compiler will in practice substitute effectively for g77, and for many users of Fortran, success will be if this transfer is 100% transparent, which you might argue says we don't need a version number change. The point is that this is a major change in technology, the switch to 4.0 (particularly the .0 part of this) alerts people to the fact that there is a major change in technology, and that the switch may not be 100% smooth.

Indeed many organizations I know ban any use of software
whose version number ends .0 and this has become an unofficial
signal that software may be a more unreliable state, so we
need to undersatnd that signal in this change too. I personally
think the signal is appropriate in this case.

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