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Re: [tree-ssa] Merge status 2004-04-05

> We should not delay the merge much longer.  Improving compile and run
> time issues over a broader range of applications and targets will only
> happen if the branch is in mainline because (a) the code will be much
> more widely exposed, (b) we'll be able to do major work on new passes.

I agree.  Though, I think that you would need to agree with Mark on a
checkin policy after the mainline merge, something like Stage 3 with respect
to compile time (such as, no checkins that slow down the compiler except if
they are not enabled at -O2, or fix regressions?).

> I'd like to request opinions regarding a merge into mainline in the next
> couple of weeks.  We should not rush into merging unnecessarily, but
> keeping the branch frozen much longer will just cause us to spin our
> wheels on ice.

Maybe it is just because I came late to the tree-ssa ball, but I'm afraid
wheels have already started spinning (see Honza's work on the tree-profiling


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