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Re: [tree-ssa] Merge status 2004-04-05

Diego Novillo wrote:
The branch is in sync with mainline as of 2003-03-31.  It bootstraps
daily alphaev67-unknown-linux-gnu, i686-pc-linux-gnu,
x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu, powerpc-unknown-linux-gnu and

What about passing the testsuites on all these platforms? Or is that a dumb question because I'm missing something?

I'd like to request opinions regarding a merge into mainline in the next
couple of weeks.  We should not rush into merging unnecessarily, but
keeping the branch frozen much longer will just cause us to spin our
wheels on ice.

Agreed. In anticipation of the merger and as per earlier requests to keep changes minimal, I'm holding onto two gfortran patches, along with some extensions to the test suite; I have some other projects in the wings (GOMP), but hesitate to make a major effort until the merger is complete.

If there's anytghing I can do (running tests, etc.), please let me know.


Scott Robert Ladd
Coyote Gulch Productions (
Software Invention for High-Performance Computing

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