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Re: RFC: Simplifying translate_name in prefix.c

From: neroden at twcny dot rr dot com (Nathanael Nerode) 
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2004 18:25:05 -0500 
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> I was thinking about this, which causes various sorts of trouble
> like bug 9968.
> There's a strange and overly complicated scheme in translate_name
> for substituting keys.
> It seems designed to allow repeated substitution
> (so that @G++/ gets replaced with @GCC/ gets replaced with $FOO/ gets replaced 
> with $BAR/ ...).  Frankly, that seems quite unnecessary and even undesirable.
> If that's eliminated, a single layer of substitution can be better
> implemented by having the 'key' as a separate argument to translate_name.
> (Or possibly the entire 'key' business could be eliminated outright, as
> I don't see what it's used for anyway.)
> Does anyone understand this code or its function?
FWIW, the gcc binaries for mingw32  distributed by (and earlier by Mumit
Khan. back to at least Jan 1999) have all been built with --disable-win32-registry
to disable the use of registry key lookup.  As far as I can recall, there has never
been any "feature request" to enable it for prebuilt binaries.

The make-relative-prefix magic to set search paths based on PATH
and exec_prefix  has been sufficient and has the advantage of not requiring
the end-user to run an install/reinstall/uninstall script that mucks
around in the NT registry.

Maybe Ada needs it for win32, but, AFAICT, the rest of the GCC
toolset does not.


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