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GCC bootstrap.

Hi GCC people.

I consider GCC the single most important tool of all
free software. I was the nest of all of it. Including
linux itself.

It amazes me the fact that tools as important as
MySQL, OpenSSL, Samba, Apache and others can build
from any version of GCC using libtool. My good old
version (egcs-1.1.2 release) compiled and build them
all. No problem. Good ald configure, make and make
install. That was it.

And guess what. It amazed me even more that when I
tryed to compile the latest version of GCC with my
good old version it did not build! Some that have
never happened to me before. I was truly amazed. Some
extrage error (to me at least) appeared in my screen. 

I looked it up in the Internet and I found several
pages talking about the error (I was not alone and it
had something to do with the use of ln) but non of
them saying how to solve it.

Since I know it must be a trivial thing to solve for
an experienced programmer of GCC and not considered
"really" a bug (as I read in some page in the
Internet), the point is: It should be considered a
bug. Good old configure, make and make install should
work without any problem. It didn't.

A pice like GCC should compile and build from any
version of itself in a blink. No programmer experience
needed. No knowledge of the building internals. 

Well, at least that's what I think.

By the way, I am sure I will find the way to get the
latest version of GCC working for me, but that is not
the point.



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