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Re: [tree-ssa] Mainline merge plan

In message <>, Richard Earnsha
w writes:
 >> The SC approved the plan to merge tree-ssa into mainline.  Tomorrow
 >> Feb/25, the branch will be closed to new features that do not advance
 >> items in this plan or fix an existing PR.
 >I hope the GMP dependencies I reported in an earlier message are also 
 >going to be sorted out before the merge.
It would seem to me that we need to make g95 dependent on having GMP
installed in a suitable location.  Clearly if GMP can't be found, then
we should issue some kind of warning/error that g95 won't be built.

 >I'd also like to see arm-elf building as well (you have no ARM target in 
 >your list)
The list is meant to provide the minimum set of targets that must be built
and tested before merging into the mainline sources.  They already go well
beyond what we require of other code merging into the mainline.

I appreciate that you'd like to see arm-elf building and we're willing to
help you with that, both before and after merging.  But I don't think that
we should necessarily hold up merging of arm-elf isn't working.


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