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A request for GCC 3.5 snapshots

I've read that the 3.5 snapshots would start after 3.4.0 was released, however I am making a request for weekly gcc 3.5 snapshots to be put on the ftp site much sooner.

Due to a restrictive security policy, I am unable to access the CVS tree from my employer's network. Personally, I find using the weekly snapshots easier to access than using "cvs rdiff" to a USB key-drive.

It would be nice to be able to also have access to a recent copy of the current mainline.

At a lower priority, another nice addition would be daily diffs. The extra ftp space required could be easily offset by eliminating the redundant gcc-{core,ada,fortran,*} versions from the snapshots. In my estimation, they are pointless; snapshots, being transient in nature, do not need to cater to those few users who wish to pick and choose their components.

To further clarify, I am not suggesting they be eliminated for releases.

I would volunteer to implement such a change, if it was deemed worthy.

Kelley Cook

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