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#pragma ident

$PREFIX/lib and Java

(printf) ("hello world\n");

Re: *** bootstrap fails for 3.3.2-hammer on i586-suse-linux-gnu

-funroll-loops experimental in gcc-3.3.2



[3.5-tree-ssa] off cvs build fails in cgraph.c

[c++] Another question about demangler output

[cs] Merge in tree-ssa-20020619-merge-20031207

[Fwd: C++ and POSIX Threads Mailing List]

Re: [GCC] Re: Name of front-end

[objc] 64-bit failures

Re: [PATCH] GNU/KNetBSD support (with ChangeLog)

Re: [RFC] Addressing Mode Selection Issues.

[RFC] C++/Debug : 'using' in DWARF

Re: [rfc] debugging anonymous unions

[RFC] Use accessor macros for the head and end of a basic block

Re: [Savannah-hackers] Problems at checking gcc with cvs

[SH4] DFmode splits after reload

[tree-ssa, RFC] CFG transparent RTL expansion

Re: [tree-ssa, RFC] CFG transparent RTL expansion

[tree-ssa-lno] Commit rules for the lno-branch

[tree-ssa] Removing CALL_PLACEHOLDER mess, when?

[tree-ssa] Statement with no effect warning

[tree-ssa] 'out_of_ssa_tag' question

[tree-ssa] a tree-ssa beginner question - creating new variables

[tree-ssa] Bootstrap failure on powerpc64-linux-gnu

[tree-ssa] C++ parsing bug?

[tree-ssa] c-semantics.c expanders

[tree-ssa] Daily x86 RPM snapshots now available

[tree-ssa] dom1 bug.

[tree-ssa] filter_expr and exc_ptr_expr as gimple ID?

Re: [tree-ssa] Fix problem with loop notes emitted by targets

[tree-ssa] goto <bb x>

[tree-ssa] i386 bootstrap failure

[tree-ssa] Implement non-call exceptions

[tree-ssa] Lazy updating of stmt operands

[tree-ssa] Mainline merge as of 2003-30-11

Re: [tree-ssa] Maintaining/representing def-use/use-def information

[tree-ssa] Memory usage on the rise again

[tree-ssa] New g++/libstdc++ regressions with checking disabled.

Re: [tree-ssa] New g++/libstdc++ regressions with checkingdisabled.

Re: [tree-ssa] PATCH: Feedback-based prefetching

[tree-ssa] Question: going in and out of SSA

[tree-ssa] RFC - tree vectorizer

Re: [tree-ssa] Statement with no effect warning

[tree-ssa] string builtins strikes back

[tree-ssa] vdefs question (to make vectorizer pass verify ssa)

[tree-ssa] vectorizer related issues

Re: [tree-ssa] Virtual operands of &a[1]?

[tree-ssa] where to fix this?

Re: [tree-ssa] where to fix this? (tentative patch)

[tree-ssa] Writing testcases for optimizations

[tree-ssa][ GC, Virtual operands, and GCing between passes

Re: [www-patch] Testing C++ changes

Re: __static_initialization_and_destruction_0(int, int) missing

About to remove dwarfout.c

Acovea 3.3, now with even more stuff!

Ada testsuite

alias analysis

alternative to subversions.gnu.org

Altivec discussion summary, future direction

Anonymous CVS access to gcc.gnu.org

Another binary.

Another bit of ISO C conversion...

Attention All School Staff, Personnel, and Students:

b alias analysis

Base class layout in C++

Bogus PPC64 return-colum? Was: [Fwd: Re: [PATCH] S/390 DWARF-2 CFIframe support]

Bug Status (2003-12-23)

bugs fixed on the tree-ssa

built gcc

C tree question

Re: C++ PATCH: Fix PR 13275

C-programming tutorial and reference


Calling convention that gets frame pointer register clobbered

Can I generate debug info without relocations?

Can't build gcc [tree-ssa] 20031222 on cygwin: libmudflap/mf-hooks2.c:1618 syntax error for ipc...

Can't build m68k-elf target with gcc-3.3.2 or gcc-3.4-20031224 tree

Re: Can't build m68k-elf target with gcc-3.3.2 or gcc-3.4-20031224tree

Career Site Linking

catch(...) and forced unwind

CFG not taken care

Column number information in 3.4.x?

Compilation Error- Seems a gcc Problem

Compilation time on CSiBE

Compiled code crashes storing to read-only location

Compiler timeouts in the basic_string tests

Compiling error

Re: Compiling glibc-2.3.2 (-2.3.3?) snapshot 20031115 with gcc-3.4 snapshot 20031119

Re: Compiling glibc-2.3.2 (-2.3.3?) snapshot 20031115 with gcc-3.4snapshot 20031119


constant initialziation (non-gcc)

constructors in unions


cross compiling thoughts

Culprits... (Re: pthread related breakage (mainline))

Current status of Objective-C++

CVS login hangs

cvs->bugzilla bridge bug?

cvs.html not clear about cvs server

cygwin windows to linux cross compiler issues !!

Cygwin/Ada Tasking Failure

DDG - Implementing Swing Modulo Scheduling in GCC (cont.)

Debug class optimization

Debugging with stabs on Solaris x86 with GCC and the native as

Deleting jump tables and CFG

Re: Do we still need ggc-simple

documentation for augmentations in .eh_frame?

Earn $$$ writing free software.

ELF instruction for section and branch.

EOF character in parser

Eric Botcazou appointed SPARC maintainer

Error building for mips variant

eyes hitech software most extra low price stop

Re: Facing problem to make/install gnu GCC2.95 cross compiler.

Fast operations on floating point numbers?

Re: fastjar.info not installed any longer?

Re: File extensions for C++ source?

Fix for c++/13387 -> libstdc++ regressions

Re: flag day for Solaris portions of config.{guess,sub}

Re: FORTH, anyone?

friend declaration implicitly provides a prototype

From beginner: What is the workload of writing a RTL expander for a new IR?

Re: From beginner: What is the workload of writing a RTL expanderfor a new IR?

g++3: Static Initializers occur twice in Binary

GCC help

GCC 3.4 optimisation of if (&ptr == NULL)

GCC 3.4 Release Status (2003-12-16)

GCC bootstrap failure on i586

GCC bugs on SH

Re: GCC build failed for native...

GCC ILP instruction scheduling?

gcc install result

GCC-3.3.3 release status (2003-12-01)

GCC-3.3.3 release status (2003-12-08)

gcc-ss-3.3-20031201 is now available

gcc-ss-3.3-20031208 is now available

gcc-ss-3.3-20031215 is now available

gcc-ss-3.3-20031222 is now available

gcc-ss-3.3-20031229 is now available

gcc-ss-3.4-20031203 is now available

gcc-ss-3.4-20031210 is now available

gcc-ss-3.4-20031217 is now available

gcc-ss-3.4-20031224 is now available

gcc-ss-3.4-20031231 is now available

gcc.dg/debug/debug-[12].c failures on cmov targets

Re: GCC3.3.2: gcc/real.h:67: error: size of array `test_real_width' is negative

GCC3.3.2: gcc/real.h:67: error: size of array `test_real_width' is negative

GCJ and $PREFIX/include revisited

gcov with dynamic c++ libraries

generic libgcc1?

GIMPLE and datastructures

GNU gettext support for GCC internal format strings

gprof cannot find symbols in a MIPS IRIX a.out

Gratis kamperen en meer....

help :: virtual-incoming-args

Help installing gcc

help on soft-float

Help with fixing weak aliases

How can I get the line number and file name from GCC tree.

How to determine access alignment in RTL ?

Re: How to determine access alignment in RTL ?

How to link in sub-object ganularity

How to share global data in a share library?

how to turn off PIE on Fedora?

Re: HP-UX and core dumps and PHSS_26559

i386 inline asm for string functions chaned with GCC 3.x. Why?

i386 inline-asm string functions - some questions

Import zlib-1.2.1 into 3.5 since 3.4 is at stage 3?


Incorrect DWARF-2 register numbers on PPC64?

incredible increase in executable size (AIX)

insn "type" attribute

Instruction bundling on IA64 and the Intel Assembler

Re: Intermodule constant propagation

iq2000 port : bit rot already started.

Is a warning for a==a possible?

Janis Johnson appointed GCC compat testsuite maintainer


latency in define_insn_reservation

Libstdc++-v3 vs -fno-unit-at-a-time

Link .o generated by GCC(arm-wince-pe) from Embeded VC ???

Linking static libraries

LLVM 1.1 Release

Mainline bootstrap failure on x86

Mainline: make[2]: ada/doctools/xgnatug: Command not found

Memory Fault in "free"

Merging binutils/gdb bug databases with the gcc bugzilla

Minor suggestion

MIPS ABI changes in GCC 3.4

Missed optimization in gcc 3.4?

missed tail-optimization with templates

Missing documentation for PRINT_REG config macro

mixing C and assembly.

Re: mktime.c fixes (part 4 of 6): verify assumptions at compile-time

more SIMD operations

Multilib configure failing

Name Mangling Without Return Type?

Name of front-end

Native OpenBSD 3.4 gcc 3.3.2 build

Re: Native OpenBSD 3.4 gcc 3.3.2 build (MORE)

Need Help for a new target's assembly code

negating -include on the command line

Re: new FAILs on HEAD

Re:New Introduce

New target ported

Newline inside macro expansion

The ObjC discussion list is here!

Obsoleting unmaintained targets

Old K+R compatibility goo in c-decl.c::duplicate_decls - preserve?

Re: Old K+R compatibility goo in c-decl.c::duplicate_decls -preserve?

Re: On inlining in C++

Optimisation options turned on at a certain level


option for default 64-bit integers on Opteron and itanium

Re: order of constructors

Overriding DW_AT_comp_dir output?

PATCH for Re: System V PowerPC ABI?

PATCH: Fix demangler in symbol versioning

PATCH: lists.html

Re: PATCH: Re: sunsite.doc.ic.ac.uk mirror out of date

Re: PATCH: work-around for bug in -traditional-cpp

please update http://gcc.gnu.org/cvs.html

Porting GCC help/doubts

Porting GCC to new target, branch implementation

Possible bug in floating point comparison

Potential bug in jump optimization?

PR 12828

Problem with "make" in libjava part for x86-64

Problem with DECL_RTL in assign_parms

Problem with return register on x86-64

Re: problem with subregs.

pthread related breakage (mainline)

Question on Makefile.in's program_transform_cross_name

Questions about placement of qualifiers in member functions

Recent regressions in the libstdc++ testsuite

Re: regarding CVS repository on Savannah

regarding CVS repostory on Savannah

Register Spilling

Regression information in Bugzilla

regular expression

Removing -frwitable-strings

Request for help performing CVS branch trick

Rewriting C identifier lookup.

RTL Dumps

RTL templates

Run-time noise from fp-bit:df_to_sf (truncdfsf2).

Re: Should -fcross-jumping be part of -O1?

Some GC marking inefficiency with chain_next and chain_prev

RE: splits after reload

static const class member is undefined

Steering committee request regarding gcc's bugzilla

strasp: a new string "splitter"

subversions access problem.

subversions.gnu.org down ?

Successful build of 3.3.2 on ia64-hp-hpux11.22

Superblock Instruction Scheduling in GCC

Re: Syntax error...

System V PowerPC ABI?

Thread Local Storage

Thumb in CSiBE benchmark

Time for a compile server status update?

TREE & RTL (intermediate code) documentation

Trouble with --enable-coverage bootstraps

trouble with porting architecture

Trunk broken for mmix-knuth-mmixware

Unable to access subversion?

undefined symbol __pure_virtual

underlying type for enums

Using the PLT for vtables (or not)

using9.C failure

version numbers 3.4 or 3.4.0?

VMS and VAX support in GCC

web page cvs access snafu? [plus, where is the modules file?]

What happened to the GCC 3.3 testsuite?

What happened to the PPro DFA scheduler description?

What's the point of libbanshee's existance?

where are char_traits<wchar_t> instances built ?

Which gcc is the most stable today ?

Who is the boss here?

Why are BLOCK_HEAD/BLOCK_END not used?

Why can't I build a native i686-pc-cygwin compiler?

Why does treelang not support tabs?

Re: Will tree-ssa be GCC 3.5?

Wondering if you could help out

Your assign_parms changes

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