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Re: Proposed targets to deprecate for 3.4

On Tue, 30 Sep 2003, Zack Weinberg wrote:
> Each characteristic has a unique letter.  In all cases, a letter
> appearing is the desirable case; no letter is the undesirable case;

I don't agree that some of these are necessary universally
valued.  For example,

g       Port does not define TARGET_ASM_FUNCTION_(PRO|EPI)LOGUE.

See mmix.c.

> Architecture characteristic key
> -------------------------------

These would be nice to have in simtest-howto.html, but without
any interpretation of value.

> l       Port can use ILP32 mode integer arithmetic.
> q       Port can use LP64 mode integer arithmetic.

Aren't those two exclusive in a "non-r" port?

> r       Port can switch between ILP32 and LP64 at runtime.
>         (Not necessarily supported by all subtargets.)

> cris     | ???L N    D l         ha e
             HM L N I  D l         ha e
(The I is for the port, not the hardware.
Similarly the D; that's what the port;
the hardware is neutral.)

S       A Free simulator exists.
I think a related important point is whether drop-in support for
compiler testing through that simulator exists in the tree.
Compare simtest-howto.html.

brgds, H-P

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