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The use of the toplevel ChangeLog and config/ChangeLog

[Crossposted to the GCC, GDB, and Binutils mailing lists]

A recent checkin by Daniel Jacobowitz to the config directory called my attention to an apparent anomaly in the ChangeLogs for the config/ directory.

Some checkins to the config directory are accompanied by an addition to the config/ChangeLog:

While other checkins are being documented in the toplevel ChangeLog with a config/xxxx: entry:

Since this is confusing, I propose two alternatives:

a) There remains a separate config/ChangeLog and all the config/ changes be documented only in there.

b) All changes to the config/ directory be documented in the toplevel directory and there not be a config/ChangeLog.

Of course, it is quite possible, that am I missing something and there is a reason that some go in one ChangeLog and some in the other?

Anyway I'll volunteer to clean up the ChangeLog(s), if everyone can come to an agreement of which way it should go. Personally, I would think that the ChangeLog in the toplevel should be good enough.

Kelley Cook

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