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Re: Help wanted from target maintainers re: fixincludes/fixproto (Nathanael Nerode) writes:

> Fixincludes is disabled for these targets (among others).  These are the 
> only targets where fixincludes is disabled but fixproto is 
> (apparently) enabled.   Since I intend to merge fixproto functionality 
> into fixincludes, I want to know why this is the case for each target, 
> so I can change it, either by enabling fixincludes or by disabling 
> fixproto.

Fixproto is of use only for targets with unregenerate K+R C library
headers; it should be disabled a lot more widely than it is.

Of your list,

>     i?86-moss-msdos*
>     i?86-*-moss*
>     i?86-*-uwin*

I don't know what these are like;

>     powerpc-*-eabiaix*
>     powerpc-*-eabisim*
>     powerpc-*-eabi*
>     powerpcle-*-eabisim*
>     powerpcle-*-eabi*

I believe these are all normally used with newlib, which does not need

>     alpha*-dec-*vms*

and the vendor-provided C library for this target is C89 compliant so
it shouldn't need fixproto either.


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