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help with RTL and .md files

forwarding again, got blocked as spam ... 
To: Nitin Jain <>


You should really subscribe to te gcc mailing lists, and ask your
question there.  There are many people on that list who know RTL
and .md much much better than I do.


On Sun, Aug 24, 2003 at 04:12:01PM +0530, Nitin Jain was heard to remark:
> Sir,
> I am writing .md file for a chip. For that, i am studying .md file of i370
> written by you.
> I have one problem that what is the use of 'define_insn' with name start
> with '*'.
> If these expressions are used to match generated 'RTL insn' then
> 1. What is the difference between these and the
> nameless 'define_insn'?
> 2. To match RTL code, that code should be generated by
> some other 'define_insn'.
> But the pattern in define_insn "*..." does not match
> with the other patterns in the whole .md file at all.
> This means that those RTL insn is not generated by any
> RTL expression
> in .md file. So what is the need to match them.
> Waiting for reply.
> Thanks.
> Nitin
> ---------------------------
> Nitin Jain (H-12/#A-415)
> Computer Science and Engg,
> POWAI, MUMBAI 400076
> Phone : 4748 (Lab)
>         5608 (Hostel)
> ---------------------------

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