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[cs branch] how to start compile server?


after one ugly hack, I've been able to compile todays sources of
compile-server branch on my debian 3.0 box. Now I would like to give it a
try, but some pieces of tecnology seems to be missing, i.e.

get_server_socket (const char *socket_name)

      fprintf (stderr, "created socket: %d path:%s max:%d\n", server_socket,
              socket_name, (int) sizeof(server.sun_path));
      sprintf (server.sun_path, "%.*s", (int) sizeof (server.sun_path)-1,
      server_socket_name = xstrdup (socket_name);

      if (connect (server_socket, (struct sockaddr *) &server, sizeof(struct sockaddr_un)) < 0)
#if 0
          ... try starting server ...;
          close (server_socket);
          perror ("connecting stream socket");
          exit (1);
  return server_socket;

and I exactly get:

thinkpad:/mnt/karel/cs-mico-test/orb$ c++  -I../include  -server -Wall   -DPIC -fPIC  -c -o os-unix.pic.o
created socket: 3 path:.cc1plus-server max:108
connecting stream socket: No such file or directory

Also I remmeber some discussion about this topic, but I'm not able to find
any information how to start the server.


Karel Gardas        
ObjectSecurity Ltd. 

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