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crosstool-0.19: added gcc-3.4-20030813 support

crosstool is a set of scripts for building and testing cross-compilers
based on gcc/glibc/linux.

A new release is ready, and can be downloaded from


0.19 18 Aug 2003 "static on the baby monitor" fetches .bz2 archives where possible to save download time

     Switch to linux-2.4.21 as that includes
     asm-ppc/unistd.h changes that supposedly fix a
     busybox compilation problem.  The problem is described at
     and may be fixed in busybox cvs, but what the heck, let's support
     the old busybox sources.

     Added gcc-3.4 snapshot support.
     Forward port of testsuite fixes for regression tests when cross-compiling:
     Fix --without-fp (thanks, Dan J.!):
     Fix --without-headers:
     Kludge to let me run old binaries on sh4:

     Note that most people building gcc-3.4/glibc-2.3.2 on sh4 will want
     to remove sh-fpscr-libc-kludge.patch and use sh4-normal.dat rather
     than sh4.dat.  I needed to do things a bit oddly because I didn't
     want to have to recompile busybox with the new toolchain.
     Thanks to Kaz and Dan J. for hints about fpscr_values issues. now grabs files from lib/nof if glibc is built --without-fp.
     gcc-3.4 doesn't build non-nof version of libstdc++ in that case, which
     made it pretty obvious I wasn't handling that right!

-- Dan Kegel

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