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Re: Optimal Optimizations: A Very Preliminary Report

Nathanael Nerode wrote:
Is there a way to set the default optimizations differently on a per-architecture basis? If there isn't, should there be? ;-)

Yes, there should. Assuming, of course, that someone from each architecture has a clear idea of how various options affect their platform. Discovering this information is part of the motivation for my genetic algorithm.

My testing is ia32-based; I'm also starting test runs on my ultraSPARC; preliminary runs suggest the its optimization characteristics differ from those of the Pentium 3 and 4 systems at my disposal.

The GCCGA testing harness is nearly finished for an initial release; I'm encapsulating machine and version characteristics into a set of classes to ease porting to various architectures and languages. I'll spend the next couple of days getting the code in order for general release; then others can try it on their systems, and we can compare results.

Scott Robert Ladd
Coyote Gulch Productions (
Software Invention for High-Performance Computing

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