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Re: handling of warnings

On Thu, 2003-08-14 at 06:38, Matt Austern wrote:
> On Wednesday, August 13, 2003, at 06:39  AM, skaller wrote:
> > Please note: I do NOT mean I can't use it because I only
> > have 3.2.2 and not the latest compiler. I can't use it because
> > the handling of unknown warning control options is BUGGED:
> > my clients could be using ANY recent variant of g++ and so I can't use
> > any new options or they won't be able to compile the code.
> Then you've got a problem with no solution.  Even if you manage
> to convince people on this list that gcc should change the way
> it handles unrecognized options, 

unrecognized *warning* control options 

> the change won't go into the
> old compiler versions that you're concerned about.  

That is true. But my main concern being here was
an 'eventual' solution.

> You'd better
> find a way to reformulate your problem so that it does have a
> solution.

I'm using -w .. I don't like it much. I was hoping that
a better solution could be provided in gcc in the future
so this issue would at least eventually go away.

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