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gcov questions


A few questions:

(1) A while back, I hacked up gcov to generate coverage statistics for 
multiple source files simultaneously.  Unfortunately the version I hacked 
up is fairly old (3.2.3), but I thought others might still find it useful.  
Where would be an appropriate place to post such a patch?

(2) Eventually I would like to migrate to a more recent version of gcc.  
I understand there were major changes in gcov in the 3.3 release, and a
perusal of the CVS archives reveals more recent changes to gcov.  Is there
a summary of recent gcov development activity, or features that are
expected to be included in the 3.4 release?

(3) The codebase on which I am running gcov is mostly C++ code that makes
heavy use of member functions defined inline within class definitions.  
Even when compiling in debug mode with no optimizations, I find that code
is not generated for such member functions if the compiler sees that they
are unused, and as a result those functions are not included in the
coverage statistics.

As a workaround, I compile with the -fno-default-inline flag.  However,
this causes ld to fail unless I rebuild my entire codebase, including any
C++ libraries, with the same compiler flag.  Unfortunately some of those
libraries themselves do not compile with that flag.

Before delving into gory details, am I headed down the right track with
-fno-default-inline, or is there another approach I am overlooking to get
more complete coverage statistics?

Assistance would be appreciated.


Ed Swierk

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