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Re: Cannot build mainline gcc on x86 linux

Matt Krai wrote:

When I regenerated, it lost the following targets:


I don't know why they were there in the first place, nor whether
adding them back will fix your problem.



From perusing the CVS archive, these targets showed up on July 13th from this commit:

which was discussed at

Maybe, of course, I am missing something simple, but I don't see where those new targets came from since the corresponding targets were not in the Makefile.tpl committed at the same time. In addition, when I regenerate with autogen 1.5.5, I see no differences compared to the version that is in the mainline.

Note that Slava is now getting a build-in-source-tree bootstrap error without the additional targets.

This leads to three releated questions:

a) Are Matt and I doing something incorrect to generate
b) ... or should not the additional targets ever have been there?
C) ... or should they actually exist and somehow the upstream changes never were committed?

Thanks for any suggestions you can give on this matter.

Kelley Cook

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