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Re: GCC 3.3 branch open

Mark Mitchell wrote:

The 3.3 branch is now open, under the usual regression-only check-in

Is this really the usual checkin rules for a branch?

For example after 3.1 was released you said:

1. Anyone who can normally approve patches can approve patches that
   fix regressions from previously released versions of GCC.

2. I will review and approve patches that do not fix regressions if

   a) they appear safe
   b) they fix very important problems, or
   c) they add support for new platforms, language features, etc.
      that we did not support before -- and that we cannot, therefore,
      be regressing.

   Please make your case explicitly; assume I know very little (a
   good assumption!) and explain why your patch fits these criteria.


I thought regression-only was only the requirement when the next release was close. I personally would think that important bug fixes should not necessarily have to wait for 3.4, even if that bug has been always present in GCC.

You, of course, are the release manager, so it is your call to make.

Kelley Cook

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