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Re: comments on onlinedocs webpage

Brian Sammon wrote:
seems to have a misnumbered version of the LGPL

I notice that the version at the numbering starts at 0, while the libiberty one starts at 1.

If I view the file in IE 5 it displays correctly. If I view it in Mozilla 1.0.2 it displays incorrectly.

The problem seems to be either a Mozilla bug for displaying the html incorrectly, or a bug in the texinfo->html converter for generating ambiguous html.

The html in question is
<ol type=1 start=0>
IE5 gives the next paragraph a number of 0, but Mozilla 1.0.2 gives the next paragraph a number of 1. I don't know enough about html to know where the error lies.

It is interesting to note that the FSF copy uses explicit section numbers instead of an enumeration to avoid this problem.

P.S. It seems a little odd to be posting this to the general gcc list.
I'm doing so on the advice of and because I can't find a gcc-doc or gcc-web address to send this to.

You can use the normal bug reporting mechanism for doc/web problems. -- Jim Wilson, GNU Tools Support,

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