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RE: what mailing list to follow (for gcc-gfortran ?)

On Tue, 5 Aug 2003, S. Bosscher wrote:
> Until we've figured out if/when we can get our own @gcc mailing list, I'd
> very much prefer that _everything_ related only to gfortran just stays on
> the gcc-g95 list.  Including patches.

You can definitely have your "own" @gcc mailing list right away.  Just
discuss with Toon, mostly, how to call that list and have Toon send mail
to and that's it.

On Tue, 5 Aug 2003, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
> Do you want a gfortran-cvs mailing list, to receive that subset of gcc-cvs
> messages, in addition to them going to gcc-cvs?  If so, web archived (as
> with libstdc++-cvs) or not (as with java-cvs)?
> Do you want separate discussion and patches lists (as with Java) or just
> one list for both (as with libstdc++)?

My suggestion is to start with a $ list where you
have both patches and general discussions and split that list whenever
you deem useful.

If you think a $ list is useful to have, that
should be easy to set up as well.


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