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Re: What happened to libfeutil?

In article <> you write:
>What happened was, I prematurely created directories named libfeutil
>and libfeutil/include in the CVS repository, then changed my mind and
>deleted them - but the only way I know how to delete a directory in
>CVS is to go into the repository and rmdir it by hand.  Since I never
>checked anything into these directories, I thought this would be
>harmless, but it seems I was mistaken.

Dead directories are perfectly fine. The design of cvs is slightly flawed
- you have to mention -P to prune empty directories (should be on by default
since you need it on every practical project I ever used cvs on)
- the cvs update protocol is stupid: first recreate all directories, *then*
apply -P as the last step: on a big tree with a long history, this tends to 
create a flurry of ephemeral directories, which often takes quite a lot of
time compared to the cvs updat eas a whole.

Anyways, from a usage point of view, always use update -P and you'll be fine.

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